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News for October 2015
Hosting the Olds Grizzly tonight!
After a rough weekend, losing 4:1 to the Drumheller Dragons and 11:3 to the Camrose Kodiaks, the Canucks are back at Max Bell tonight when the team faces the Olds...

Doug Hergenhein new Head Scout and Director of Player Personnel
The Calgary JR A Canucks are pleased to announce the hiring of Doug Hergenhein as the Head Scout and Director of Player Personnel. Doug possesses extensive experience in the AJHL...

Caiden Kreitz name AB Ford Dealers Goalie of the Week!
Canucks' Goalie #1 Caiden Kreitz was named AB Ford Dealers Goalie of the Week after the Canucks' two straight wins against the Drumheller Dragons in last weeks' AJHL regular season...

Canalta Hotels Player of the Week & AB Ford Dealers Goalie of the Week
The Canalta Hotels AJHL Player of the Week is defenceman Brinson Paschinuk of the Bonnyville Pontiacs.  Brinson recorded 6 points (1G / 5A) in 3 games during the week of...

Second Win in a Row!
The Calgary Canucks beat the Drumheller Dragons with a final score of 5:0. After the team beat the Dragons 5:1 on Tuesday, October 13, this is the second win in...

Hosting the Dragons Tonight at 7:00 PM
The Calgary Canucks are looking to expand on the 5:1 win last Tuesday, October 13, as the play the Drumheller Dragons, who they faced on the 13th, at Max Bell...

First Regular Season Home Win!
The Calgary Canucks got their first regular season win at home. The team beat the Drumheller Dragons in an exciting game  with a final score of 5:1. Andrew Marshall scored...

Canucks on the Road for the Thanksgiving weekend
Tha Calgary Canucks are on the road for the thanksgiving weekend. They play the Fort McMurray Oil Barons tonight at 8:00 PM in Fort McMurray. After the late night game...

AJHL Showcase Recap
The Calgary Canucks returned with a win and a loss from the AJHL showcase in Canmore. The team started the roadtrip with a close 2:1 win over the Fort McMurray...

Canucks on the way to Camrose for the 2015 AJHL Showcase
The Calgary Canucks will leave this Friday, October 2, to play two games in two consecutive days at the 2015 AJHL Showcase. Canucks schedule: Friday, October 2: Calgary Canucks vs Ft.McMurray 7:00pm Saturday, October...

Game Report: Home game vs. Okotoks Oilers
The Canucks were hoping to redeem themselves after a tough loss to the Kodiaks in Calgary on Sunday. Unable to get on the board first as Matt McNair, Okotoks Oilers gets...

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