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Canucks Sign Jackson Hogg
Posted March 16th, 2018 @ 6:22 pm

The Calgary Canucks are pleased to announce the signing of defenceman Jackson Hogg who is a member of the Calgary Royals Midget AAA, who are currently in the south division final in the AMHL playoffs.

Hogg, who is 6’0 175 lbs, had 3 goals and 8 assists through 35 games this season for a total of 11 points and 46 penalty minutes.  Jackson added another 2 goals to his season stats throughout playoffs.

Coach Oly had this to say about Jackson, "Jackson is a character kid, he is a smooth skating D man that moves the puck well and will be able to play in all situations for us. This is a very good signing for the future of the Calgary Canucks Organization. We are very pleased we could land such a fine young gentleman and a fine hockey player."

"Jackson is a player who commits to getting better each and every time he touches the ice. His competitiveness and quiet leadership speaks volumes in the dressing room. Not only is he a talented player, he is a great person, student and big brother,” noted Royals Head Coach Jeff Peters. “The Calgary Canucks have signed a well sought after prospect whose impact will immediately make them a better team on and off the ice."

From Coach Oly and the Calgary Canucks organization, we welcome Jackson and his family to ours.

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