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Weekly Recap: October 30 – November 5
Posted November 6th, 2017 @ 12:48 pm

Coming off a rough loss last weekend the Canucks were set to play a home-and-home against the Olds Grizzlys.  Kicking things off at Max Bell Centre the Canucks were looking to take advantage of home ice and get a win.   In a back and forth first period neither team was able to get on the board.  At 13:37 of the second the Olds Grizzlys were first to get on the board as #17 Jared Power put one in the net from #7 Chase Olsen and #14 Quentin Greenwood.  The period would end with the Grizzlys holding the 1-0 lead even though the Canucks out shot them in the period.  Only 14 seconds into the third the Grizzlys made it 2-0 as #17 Jared Power got his second of the game from #21 Jeremy Klessens.  Down by 2 the Canucks put on the pressure in an attempt to tie the game. With 4:33 remaining in the period Canucks captain #4 Kyler Newman fired one into the back of the net from #28 Chad Varney and #22 Josh Giacomin.  Using the momentum from their first goal the Canucks continued to play hard and were rewarded as #27 Jordan McConnell scored with help from #8 Dylan Williamson and #4 Kyler Newman.  With the game even it was anyone’s game.  At 19:46 of the third #27 Jordan McConnell scored his second of the game giving the Canucks their 3rd goal in 4 minutes to take the lead.  The assists on the goal going to #8 Dylan Williamson and #11 Alex Wilkins.  With an amazing comeback the Canucks would hold off the Grizzlys for the remainder of the period win the game 3-2!

Coming off a major win, the Canucks then travelled to Olds for game two of the home-and-home. The Canucks started the scoring off just 2:20 into the first as #13 Cooper Johnson put one past the Grizzlys goaltender from #22 Josh Giacomin and #19 Zach Russell.  After 20 minutes the Canucks would hold onto their 1-0 lead.   At 13:17 of the second the Grizzlys evened thing up with a goal from #8 Aiden Mucenski from #9 Parker Ward and #4 Jared Bowman. Even though the Canucks racked up 21 shots in the second they were unable to break away from the Grizzlys, the game would remain 1-1 at the end of the second.  With 20 minutes left in regulation the Canucks were hoping to repeat the outcome from Friday night’s game.  At 6:30 of the third #9 Cooper Page broke the tie putting one in the net from #18 Blake Stevenson and #6 Scott Nicholson.  In the final minute the Grizzlys pulled their goaltender in hopes of tying up the game once again.  The Canucks used this to their advantage as #19 Zach Russell scored on the empty net from #4 Kyler Newman to win the game 3-1!

With 2 wins this week the Canucks are 7-2-1 in the last 10 games.

Up next, the Canucks will be taking on the Brooks Bandits this Tuesday, November 7th at Max Bell Centre.  Puck Drops at 7:00pm.  Then this weekend the Canucks will travel up north to face off against the Fort McMurray Oil Barons on Friday, before heading to Spruce Grove for a battle against the Saints on Saturday.

Go Canucks Go!

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